A New Paradigm

Data driven strategy

Powerful algorithms

Cognitive computing

The era of big data analytics and intelligent computing is coming to higher education. University Analytics is poised to guide colleges and universities with rich and revealing analyses.

Areas of specialty are finance and student outcomes. Colleges and universities struggle to find sustainable financial models, while also striving for academic excellence and socio-economic access. They also struggle to comply with mandates from the Department of Education to quantify student outcomes and justify costs.


We live in complex times. Traditional financial models are under stress - and the inner workings of colleges and universities are under public scrutiny. Managers and fiduciaries must dive deep into the data to understand their risks and opportunities. But data can be overwhelming, presentations can be opaque, and mythology can blur reality. University Analytics brings a crisp, candid and concise methodology for evaluating an institution's competitive position, stress-testing its financial model, and articulating evidence-based options for action.


Institutions are like brains: complex, messy, and influenced by both their DNA and their environment. Only with quantitative methods that cut through noise and opinion can core patterns be discovered.


The founder brings decades of experience in cognitive neuroscience research, administrative leadership and trusteeship.


Jamshed BharuchaFounder